Exploring Nutrition: a Unit Study for Grades 4-6

The Exploring Nutrition Unit Study will teach your older children all about the importance of nutrition and how to make healthy choices when choosing meals. It was designed with children in grades 4-6 in mind, but even older children will find value in this engaging study!

In the Exploring Nutrition Unit Study, students will:

  • learn the basics of nutrition and how it fuels the body
  • learn about carbohydrates and sugars and how our body uses them
  • learn about the functions and types of proteins
  • learn about different types of fats
  • learn about the importance of water and how it's purified for drinking
  • learn about different types of vitamins and minerals, where they come from, and how they benefit our bodies
  • learn all about the digestive system and see it in action
  • learn about creating a "healthy plate"
  • learn how to read nutrition labels
  • and much more!

Students will watch engaging videos and complete worksheets, activities, and a hands-on experiment using their Nutrition Study Pack.

Also included is a bonus download, My Cooking Journal, which will allow your child to help in the meal planning process. It includes: meal planning worksheets, recipe cards, shopping lists, and kitchen conversions, and more.

Course Curriculum

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