Ever wonder how plants eat in order to grow? It's a fascinating process called photosynthesis! Whoa- that's a big confusing word! Not so fast! It's not confusing at all! With this super fun hands-on unit study for elementary and middle school kids, your students will know all about the process of photosynthesis!

This hands-on unit study includes:

  • Learn & Explore: with 8 engaging and educational videos, your child will all about photosynthesis, how plants make their own food, why and how leaves change colors in the fall and more! There are video options for both younger and older children.
  • Fun & Creative: your child will complete photosynthesis themed art projects, science experiments, and games.
  • Watch & Listen: your child will forever remember how photosynthesis works after listening to a few fun songs.
  • Snack Time: 6 fun green, plant-themed kid-friendly snack recipes that are perfect for taking your learning to the kitchen
  • Research & Recall: 6 page Photosynthesis Unit Study printable pack {with answer key}
  • Exploring Photosynthesis Escape Challenge- a fun, interactive digital escape room activity {challenging but fun for older kids}
  • BONUS- 8-page Flowers & their Life Cycle printable unit study pack

Suggestions for structure of study are included!

This study was created for children in mid-upper elementary and middle grades. It can be adapted for use with multiple ages and it gives the parent the flexibility to pick and choose which activities are completed to match the child's age/ability.

Purchase once and receive lifetime access to all study materials.

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