All About Pokemon Unit Study

Your child LOVES Pokémon.....why not let it be an educational experience?

In the All About Pokémon Unit Study your child will receive educational experiences in Geography, History, Arts & Crafts, Foreign Language, Cultures, Event Planning, Physical Fitness, and more!

The All About Pokémon Unit Study includes 4 main areas:

1- Learn & Explore: in this section your child will read articles and watch videos on anime, the history of Pokémon, the Japanese language, Japan and Japanese culture. Through each lesson in Learn & Explore, your child will complete various assignments and earn Poké Points along the way!

2- Fun & Creative: in this section, your child will take part in video drawing tutorials of their favorite Pokémon characters including: Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, and a Poké Ball. Then, they'll learn another Japanese art- origami and create a Pikachu origami from a Post-It Note. Finally, they'll finish up by following a step-by-step tutorial to create corner bookmarks of their favorite Pokémon characters. Through each of these activities, your child will earn Poké Points!

3- Get Moving: in this section, your child will get moving with some great physical education time! He/She will complete a Pokémon-inspired fitness challenge AND complete a Pokémon Yoga Workout while earning Poké Points along the way.

4- Family Movie Night- your child will wrap up his/her Pokémon Unit Study by organizing a family movie night! The suggested movie is Detective Pikachu and there are accompanying movie activity sheets to complete after watching the movie! In addition, your child will ask you to help him/her make one {or more} of our Pokémon - Inspired recipes!

Devour the entire study in one day or spread it out over multiple days...the choice is yours!

**Included in the study are printable Poké Points Tally Sheets and a Catch 'Em All Poké Points Champion certificate.

This unit study was designed for children in grades 3-8 however you are welcome to adapt it for younger ages!

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Heather Bowen
Heather Bowen

Heather is a Christian, wife, homeschooling mother, and professional blogger. She has a heart for ministering to busy mothers as she encourages them to find balance and peace right where they are. You can find her sharing tips, resources, inspiration, and behind the scenes looks at her often chaotic life at Heather is also the founder/owner of and the Top Picks Homeschool Curriculum Fair.

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